Rehabilitation & reclamation

“For every hectare that Kingsrose disturbs, we preserve two hectares of land for forest.”

Reclamation is an activity aiming to rehabilitate disturbed lands due to common mining activity to revive the function and benefit of land according to its nature.

The company is committed to carrying out a reclamation program as this will protect environmental stability, upholding the highest environmental standards, and to fulfil Government’s requirement mentioned in the document of Annual Reclamation Plan.

Reclamation and revegetation are carried out in the following stages:
  • Reshaping the area,
  • Construction of surface drainage,
  • Spreading topsoil,
  • Revegetation by cover crop,
  • Revegetation by fast growing plant,
  • Revegetation by local plant, and
  • Regular maintenance of the entire reclamation areas.

Rehabilitation and revegetation in the areas of mining and exploration activities, assisted by the establishment of an on-site nursery to cultivate seedlings and other associated plant life.

Kingsrose Mining Limited is an ASX Listed (ASX : KRM) company focused on responsible mineral exploration and discovery.


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