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Kingsrose Mining Limited is an ASX listed (ASX: KRM) discovery focused exploration company with 100% interest in two PGE-Ni-Cu Nordic Projects: the Penikat Project in Finland, and the Porsanger Project in Norway.

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Our vision

A discovery focused exploration company with commitment to technical excellence, disciplined project delivery, exemplary environmental social and governance standards and shareholder and stakeholder engagement.

The Company is focused on exploration for minerals that are critical to decarbonisation and new energy technologies in Europe, in line with the aims of the EU Green Deal. Sustainable and responsible operations, as well as high standards of sustainability are integral to the strategy and potential of Kingsrose.

Sustainability considerations are embedded in our organisation and at all stages of our project lifecycle. Our sustainability aims are to be recognised as a leading ESG conscious mineral exploration company,  a good partner to communities and national governments and raising the bar above meeting compliance requirements. At present, Kingsrose owns and operates three international mineral exploration projects:

    • Kingsrose owns 100% of the Penikat exploration project in Finland, through its 100% owned subsidiary Kingsrose Exploration Oy
    • Kingsrose owns 100% of the Porsanger exploration project in Norway, through its 100% owned subsidiary Kingsrose Exploration AS 
    • Kingsrose holds an an 85% interest in PT Natarang Mining, the holder of a 4th generation Contract of Work with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia*

*Mining operations at Way Linggo ceased in September 2020 and the mining sites and mineral processing facilities have since been rehabilitated and placed into care and maintenance. This includes ongoing environmental monitoring. The Company entered in a Process Deed dated 1st July 2022 with PT Kreasi Cemerlang Lestari (PTCKL) for the potential acquisition by PTKCL or its related body of the Way Linggo gold project, via the sale of the entire issued capital of Natarang Offshore Pty Ltd. Kingsrose has no plans for future exploration or extractive work at Way Linggo, with the exception of environmental monitoring, general administrative and care and maintenance activities, prior to the potential sale to PTKCL or other parties.

The Company’s future focus is exploration of the Penikat and Porsanger projects in Finland and Norway, respectively. Exploration involves data collection of geological, geotechnical and environmental properties through geological mapping and geophysical surveying, as well as environmental assessments through species and habitat surveys.

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Focused on discovery

Experienced team

Board members played key roles in discovery and development of at least 4 development or production stage gold deposits and combined M&I resources totalling in excess of 10 million ounces.

Well funded

Well placed to add value avoiding excessive dilution.

Dedicated M&A team

Targeting acquisition of high quality exploration assets globally.


Committed to our environment
and communities

Kingsrose Mining Limited is an ASX Listed (ASX : KRM) company focused on responsible mineral exploration and discovery.


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