Effective training & preparation

Kingsrose and PTNM are committed to upholding the best occupational health and safety standards at the Way Linggo Project with respect to our employees, contractors, and the local community.

PTNM employs dedicated Health and Safety Officers who are tasked with overseeing the creation of a safe and responsible working environment, identifying and mitigating any potential health and safety risks and ensuring adequate health and safety training is provided to all employees.

Ongoing health and safety programs and initiatives include:
Safety and training
  • Periodic safety inspection, patrol, meeting, and campaign.
  • Provision safety signs, procurement of appropriate PPE and safety equipment.
  • Risk management which consists of identification of potential hazards, risk assessment, and implement controls.
  • Safety training for all employees, contractors, and safety induction to visitors.
  • Formation of emergency response team, training for them, and simulation of emergency cases.
  • Accident prevention programs and thorough investigation in case of any accident.
Health and industrial training
  • Initial medical check-up (MCU) for new employees, periodic MCU (at least once a year), and final or exit MCU.
  • Management of hygiene, sanitation, food/beverage, and nutrition of workers.
  • Ergonomic management and diagnosis of occupational disease examination.
  • Periodic health inspection, campaign, and education or health awareness.
  • Provide a Clinic on site with adequate facilities and operated by a doctor and several paramedics.
  • Programs and initiatives for the control of dust, noise, vibration, lighting, and work air quality.
  • Program to control the impact of radiation, chemical and biological factors, work environment cleanliness program and housekeeping.

These programs and initiatives are managed in a Mining Safety Management System which is regularly evaluated (quarterly) by an internal team and audited by a certified auditor at least once a year.

Kingsrose Mining Limited is an ASX Listed (ASX : KRM) company focused on responsible mineral exploration and discovery.


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