The Group strives to ensure that the appropriate level of environmental care is achieved within the Project area and is committed to conducting all operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

Examples of Kingsrose sustainable strategy are from the Way Linggo project. This mine was sold by Kingsrose in December 2022. The involvement of Kingsrose in the Way Linggo project is now limited to: environmental monitoring, general administrative and care and maintenance activities.

This approach is designed to mitigate any potential adverse impact our operations may have on both the environment and the community. To date, there has been minimal environmental impact largely due to the application of high standards and the entrenched environmental awareness within the company.

The Group conducts its activities in accordance with its obligations under the Contract of Work and prevailing regulations regarding environmental matters. Environmental impact assessments are conducted, and ongoing activities conducted under the Company’s Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan are:

Environmental Management activities include: 
  • Management of water quality, both surface water (river and resident wells) and ground water. This includes the water quality of the TSF.
  • Management of air quality in all mine site areas including its supporting activities and in local villages.
  • Management of soil quality in pits, waste dumps, processing plant, workshops, and other places to prevent pollution or contamination.
  • Management of hazardous and toxic materials including their wastes.
Environmental Monitoring activities include: 
  • Monitoring the quality of water, air, soil and wastes to measure the performance of the management that has been carried out.
  • Monitor slope stability in pits, waste dumps, and mine roads that have the potential to harm the environmental.
  • Monitoring the sedimentation, growth rate of plants, condition of flora and fauna, and aquatic biota.

Kingsrose Mining Limited is an ASX Listed (ASX : KRM) company focused on responsible mineral exploration and discovery.


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